RFYellow can promote your Internet presence

RFYellow can assist you by promoting your company's presence on the Internet. We help those who need to know about your company. We speed up their contacting you by enabling them to directly send you email and also bring them to your existing web site. RFYellow is an Internet search engine whose listings are limited to products, services, and persons in the radio telecommunications industry. RFYellow can be accessed anywhere worldwide on the Internet. We are continually adding more radio industry related information that will be freely available to all in the industry. There are no charges to anyone to log on and use the search engine to find products, services, people, send email to you or find and link to your web site.

Customers can find out about your company

The typical RFYellow search will yield a company name, description, email address and a link to your company's world wide web site. Our goal is to assist you in having others locate you and your company's particular specialties via the Internet Your listing in RFYellow should be considered an important part of your overall promotion plan. Your web site needs to be known within our industry in order to have the qualified visitors that you desire. RFYellow will draw people to your web site who already are working in the radio telecommunications industry.

We are promoting as well

We are promoting RFYellow in most of the major trade print publications as well as on many other broad based Internet search engines. This means that persons looking throughout the most common search engines will locate RFYellow instantly with a key word search. Your listing on RFYellow.com can help them link to your site.

Planning your listing will help

How quickly people find your site or email address depends upon the scope and content of your listing in our database. Our search engine will display your listing if the search words match any of your displayed text. We also can include any hidden key word text if you wish. This option allows you to include words you think people might search that fall within the scope of your operation, but which you might not want to include in your visible listing. Use the Submit Your Listing tab to send us your listing online. After we confirm the suitability of your listing, it will be put online.

Your commitment to RFYellow...

There is no cost* for your searchable listing on RFYellow. The commitment for your company name to be listed is a reciprocal  link from your company web site back to RFYellow. All participating companies agree to provide a link to RFYellow from somewhere on their site. This provides an increased access to RFYellow for everyone. Your company name, address, and other contact information is not counted.

* Free listing requires only a reciprocal link.

Banner Ads Available

In addition to the free company name, fifty word description, email to and link to your web site at no cost, we provide another opportunity for participation in paid advertising. You can rent graphical space on the opening page of the RFYellow search engine. This graphic display space rotates through all those who purchase this space on a shared basis. When the site visitor clicks on the graphic, it provides an direct link to your site. This provides an opportunity to have a much greater activity on your web site, if you provide graphics that spark particular interests of those in the industry. The monthly charges for banner ads are due in advance. Once you are included, you will continue automatically unless cancelled by you.

Graphical listings

For participation in the opening page graphic the cost is:

normal random rotation $150 per month
weighted random rotation $250 per month
Specifications for the banner graphic are as follows:
400 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall (72 pixels per inch) in a .gif or .jpg file with 8 bit indexed colors or if you prefer send us your printed graphic 5.56" x 0.83".Email your graphic to RFYellow.

Information provided for listing in RFYellow:

For qualified companies, RFYellow will include this information at no cost, we ask that  you  to place a link from your web site back to rfyellow.com

Company: (required)

The following text will be displayed and searched which describes your company products and/or services. If accepted for publication we reserve the right to edit the listing.

URL for link from RFYellow: [http://www...]:(required)

Your email address to your sales department: (required)

Mailing Address:







Toll free telephone:

email address to be listed:

Please list any hidden key words you wish to have used for searches in addition to the above information. Do not repeat any words listed above. Both the listed text and the non-displayed hidden keyword text listed below will be searched automatically. Text included here will not be displayed in search results.

RFYellow and SoftWright LLC reserve editorial rights over all materials submitted to RFYellow. The information below will NOT be listed in the Internet search results:

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